Our Service to you

We source our meat locally, using a highly approved abbtatoir less than 15miles away from our shop, and working with us they are able to provide to use only the best Beef, Pork and Lamb, we then do the rest offering well hung Beef , fresh Pork and succulent Lamb.

We pride ourselves on selling traditionally prepared meats sold fresh, and our Sausages are made by us using recipes gained through our years of knowledge.

Free range White and Bronze Turkeys are also available from us, arriving in June at Great Grove Poultry Farm and offers the unique opportunity for poultry to roam amongst the ancient woodland and do as they please.  They have the advantage of being offered straw bedded barns at night. It is important to understand that these are fed on mainly Cereal based foods that contain no hormones or growth promoters,  and our free range Geese are outstanding.